Become a Scorer

Basics to Scoring Course

This course is designed to provide you with all the skills needed to start scoring. The course covers the basics of scoring a game of cricket such as scoring symbols, umpire signals, dismissals and gives a helpful overview of the Laws of the game.

This course is FREE and online. To book a place, click here


PCS Pro Configuration and Tools – Wednesday 17th June 2020 at 7pm

Join the RunsWktsOvers YouTube channel ( at 7pm on Wednesday 17th June where they will be taking a look at some of the options that you can change to make PCS Pro suit your scoring preferences.
There are many ways to configure PCS Pro to make your scoring life easier and during this session they will be looking at some of the most useful ones. They will also examine how to move the scoring panels around and what you could be viewing in the scoreboard window, as well as fielding data and connecting up to social media.
You can follow along using any match in PCS Pro but if you don’t want to create your own, download the exported match from below and import into PCS Pro using the following instructions.
1. Download the exported PCS Pro file (with the extension .cri) from the link        below.
2. Open PCS Pro on your laptop and choose to Continue Without Login.
3. Click on the FIle menu, then on Import Match(es).
4. Click on the Browse button (top right), navigate to the folder where you stored the downloaded “.cri” file and click on OK to close the Browse window.
5. Select the downloaded in the main Import window and then click on the Import button.
6. Click on Yes to confirm that the match was exported from PCS Pro (ECB full version).
7. When you see the Import Complete message, click on Open Match Now. The match will open with Scratchers at 11/0 off 1 over in the first innings of a T20 match.
8. Don’t score anything else in this match until the demonstration starts. You can close PCS Pro with the match still open and re-open it later with the match at the same point.
Download the partly scored match from
PCS Pro is available to download free-of-charge from the Play Cricket website but note PCS Pro is not being taught from scratch in this session.